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Shortballs & Topiary Standards
Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery offers high quality plants. The TOPIARY (durantas) range has proved to be a “Top Seller”, as it caters for all needs from large projects to the smaller townhouse garden. Immediate Feature Plants.

Our range of topiaries (mostly durantas) are 'instant features' and one of the top sellers. Perfect for a pot, garden or landscape projects.

The short ball and 'half standard' are firm favourites with the full standard always in demand! Frequent trimming and nurturing throughout the year ensures QUALITY dense, well-formed topiaries. When selecting a topiary for your garden or pot, remember to take note of the height of the topiary ABOVE bag level. This will determine your final planting height.

The topiaries are available in 5 litre 10 litre, 20 litre and 45 litre bags.