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Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery has done an extensive amount of cross-pollination on the daylilies, with the first batch of our own American Hybrid crosses available this season.

Daylilies provide excellent colour to the garden and are widely used in landscaping. Their roots hold the soil well on slopes and difficult embankments. In Southern Africa, peak flowering time is October to November, with some flowering stretching through to April. Daylilies respond well to a good trim in the off season. In cold winter areas prone to frost or snow, trim the daylilies back and cover with a thick mulch for the duration of winter. They will bounce back in Spring.

Daylilies are available in bags or ex-ground in various flags of colour or in mixed landscape hybrid blocks (yellow, peach, maroon, tangerine ‘Little Pumpkin”, mini yellow, pale yellow\cream, orange reds).
 A variety of stunning American Hybrids with edges, eyes and ruffles are available seasonally in bags. These are eye catching plants. American Hybrid daylilies have been bred for the 'eyes', 'edges' and 'frills' and are simply too beautiful to resist. Daylilies thrive in the Tzaneen area, which has optimal growing conditions.

The landscape daylilies are available all year round, for any project big or small.