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Cut Flowers
Our flower terraces and clivia plantation supply fresh cut flowers for the local market. These flowers are all grown in the open and are well accustomed to the environmental conditions.

Available Seasonally

  • Inca Lilies: Spring/Summer
  • Michaelmas Daisies: Spring/Summer
  • Agapanthus (mini to large): Spring/Summer
  • Clivias (orange hybrids): Mid-August/September
  • Purple Epidendrums (ground orchid)
  • Fragrant Tulbaghia (white and lilac)

Interestingly, the first commercial flower growers were active in Georges Valley and surrounds†from 1948, post WWII. Predominantly, carnations and a gladioli were grown. However, many flower†growers abandoned operations by the early 1970s due to eelworm, and a pest affecting new carnations varieties internationally. In particular, eelworm (alwurm) affected mostly bulbous plants. In 1982, chrysanthemums and carnations were grown again and Lisianthus were first grown in Georges Valley by Bardi Fouche on the farm Matumi, in 1984. The Fouches relocated to Tzaneen town and the well- known 'Die Blomskuur' (The Flower Barn) was born. The Fouchesí daughter, well-known Tzaneen and National floral artist, Hendra Gouws, continues the business with the family tradition.†

Roumen Farms takes pride in supplying Die Blomskuur with fresh cut flowers seasonally.

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