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Besides thousands of clivias, perfect for gardening or landscaping, the nursery has a comprehensive collection of breeding and collector clivia plants.

An extensive amount of cross pollination has been done over the years, resulting in simply stunning new hybrids every season.  Precise recording of the “pedigree” of each cross-pollination is carried out. The annual breeding seed is harvested with care, and the new seeds are planted into marked seed trays or pots. Once well established, the seedlings are planted out into pots labelled with their respective breeding details. Seasonally, plants no longer required for breeding purposes, go into the farm garden or into the commercial stock. In this way the quality of the plants available to the landscaper and keen gardener and retail outlets, are constantly upgraded.

A commonly asked question is: “Will my yellow clivia plant revert to orange if I plant it in a bed with orange clivias?” The answer is “NO”.  However, in an uncontrolled environment like a garden, natural cross- pollination done by insects may well result in some seeds from a yellow flowering clivia producing not only yellow,but a few orange or pastel plants as well. A controlled environment will produce a higher yield of seed similar to the mother plant. Bear in mind that in an open pollination environment like a garden, beside insects, human, animals and wind cross- pollinating during the day, some moths are actively pollinating during the evening! 

Species of Clivia

  • Miniata: Broad leaf, variegated, miniature (orange, yellow, dark orange/red, red, pastels)
  • Pendulous:
    • Caulenscens
    • Gardenii
    • Nobilis
    • Robusta
    • Mirablis
  • Intersepcific: Refers to the cross pollination of a miniata x pendulous or a pendulous x by another pendulous specie.

One of the most popular Interspecific hybrids is a miniata x pendulous. This particular cross breeding can produce larger, more upright pendulous florets, an increase in umbel size, and introduce a new colour spectrum. Frequently, the colour of the interspecific florets evolve as they mature, providing added interest and excitement!

Offsets of collector or breeding plants are available seasonally - contact the grower. We prefer to sell breeding or collector clivas in flower in order to fully satisfy the customer and protect our integrity.  

Our commercial line is available throughout the year in bags or ex ground, as they are kept in blocks of colour (yellow, orange hybrids, broad leaf, variegated, miniatures and some pastels).


Quality orange hybrid seed available in bulk seasonally (end of May/June): approx. 1000 seed\per kilogram (see Price List). Constant upgrading of the farm garden and clivia plantation plants, ensures a good variety of quality Miniata hybrid seed available yearly, as well as some welcome surprises!

It is important to note that seed from a clivia will produce seedlings similar to, but not identical to, the mother plant. The only manner in which to obtain a clivia IDENTICAL to the mother plant is by an 'offset' or sucker off the mother plant. Reproducing clivia via tissue culture has its challenges. On average, time from seed to flowering is between 3 to 5 years! It is every breeder’s desire to achieve as short a flowering time as possible.

SPECIAL breeding seed is available seasonally. Please contact us for more information.