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Clivia Plants ImageRoumen Farms Wholesale Nursery has a very comprehensive and extensive collection of specialist Clivia plants, as well as some exceptionally good miniature broadleaf Clivia.

An extensive amount of cross-pollination has been done over the years, resulting in simply stunning new plants every season. Hilton is quite meticulous during the pollination period and clearly marks the “pedigree” of each cross-pollination. The resultant seed crop is harvesting with great care and the Clivia seeds are planted into marked seed trays. Once the seedlings are well established, they are planted out into marked pots. Each season, plants in the breeding nursery are” culled” and planted in their private garden. Likewise, plants deemed “ordinary” in the garden are marked and removed at the end of the season and used for the commercial landscape line. As a result, the quality of the commercial stock is excellent. Liza also cuts the “ordinary” Clivia flowers for the local cut flower market, thus removing common seed from the production line.

It is important to note that seed from Clivias will produce flowers similar to, but not identical to, the mother plant. The only manner in which to obtain an identical plant to the mother plant is by “sucker” or “offset” (or by tissue culture). It is not viable to tissue culture Clivias at present. This is not to say that one should not grow from seed. Growing from seed can produce superior plants to the mother plant, as well as a few stunning new hybrids - and quite a few disappointments!

Offsets of collector items and various show winners are available. Contact Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery for further details. We prefer to sell specialist plants in flower (if not a named item, Show Winner, etc.) in order to fully satisfy the customer, and to protect our integrity.

Clivia plants are very waterwise, low maintenance and great for landscape and shade areas.

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